About Us

Growtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

With the ambition of “Turning Ideas into Reality”, GROWTECH SOLUTIONS Pvt.Ltd. was established in the year 2009.It was founded by experienced IT professionals to pioneer a fundamentally unique delivery-driven culture based upon a blend of cutting edge technology, knowledge, experience, skills, passion and imagination, to meet each unique client challenges in the IT industry. Today we are a fast emerging software solutions company based in New Delhi. Along with Web solutions we provide Android and Blackberry application software development services and solutions for use in various domains such as healthcare, real estate, exports and various other sectors.

At Growtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we believe that “Ideas are born to grow.” With this belief and conviction, we picked a team of hardworking tech professionals with a go-getter attitude. Starting with a small group we are now a nuclear group of dedicated and committed software professionals, each one with the same spirit and enthusiasm to go ahead, on the roads to success to fulfill the dreams everyone share. The team has complete faith in its ability of transforming the ideas into veritable form. In fact, we have demonstrated our capability by developing software applications for a leading hospital in Kuwait. Our specialization lies in developing software applications for various sectors including healthcare, education, real estate, export houses and social networking. The main focus of our services and solutions is to provide users with convenience of access to information, efficiency in data management, inventory, enterprise resource management, and a host of other services.

We also work on latest application software such as Microsoft .net, Sun Java, JDeveloper, etc. to create solutions for clients. We offer both turnkey and customized solutions as per the needs of our clients. Besides, developing applications for mobile phones is one of the principal focus areas for us. We essentially work on Android and Blackberry technology, and create applications for such mobile phones. Our company also has ready products for healthcare, education and real estate sector. To know more about our products and services, get in touch with our experts who will explain and provide live demonstration for you.

Domain Expertise

Expertise comes with time and dedication to the job in hand. That’s also the case with our organization. We have invested years of intensive labour in R&D on specific software and programming languages that has enriched our knowledge and equipped us well to develop new applications for different domains. Today, we have the expertise to offer software solutions to clients in healthcare sector, reals estate, export business and social media.

Growtech’s Speciality

Growtech treads the middle path, which is inherent to our business planning. For us, the “what” and “how” of business are critical notions that draw our full attention and soak up much of our energy. We never digress from what we are doing and the means adopted for the same. The focus remains on the mission of developing original and unique solutions. Thus, whether we are developing a restaurant tracking application for mobiles or creating software for the real estate database management, we never lose track. Our dedicated attention to each individual project is one of the major factors enabling us engineer inimitable solutions. Different from the league of software companies, our speciality lies in our unique solutions. The uniqueness of our solutions can be understood with a little elaboration. Most of us are aware that companies generally are of two types – product based or services based either selling products or providing solutions.

There are two diametrically opposite problems with products or services. The ready products can be cheaper but may not be amenable to every business needs. On the contrary, solutions can be developed as per individual business needs, but can prove to be too expensive to be liked by every prospective user. At this critical juncture, Growtech’s ready product solutions come as a sigh of relief as it not only saves precious time and money but can be easily made conducive to every business needs. The solutions are like a cricket pitch where you just need to adapt to the conditions in a while and start playing shots. The irony today, however, is that business are imposed solutions which are not in consonance with the requirements. It’s like you are forced to play cricket in a football ground due to lack of quality cricket stadium.

We fall in the category that is at the confluence of the mentioned two types. After years of intense research on technology, we succeeded in providing a viable alternative over the long prevalent business strategy and developed standalone solutions. Growtech, thus belongs to a rare group of companies that is services based but has ready products that can be made adaptable to any business needs. Since we have years of rigorous technology-intensive research to our credit, the businesses could benefit from us by accessing to inexpensive software / application solutions, which are ready available as products. Therefore, business houses can source the solutions from us and start using instantly.


The growth and development of any enterprise is contingent on the manpower it employs for managing different business activities. At Growtech, we have appointed a team of knowledge experts with rich experience in their respective areas of specialization. The members work in an integrated environment to ensure the work flow in a synergetic manner that eventually would yield expected results. Professionals with expertise in the areas of software development, programming languages, software applications and web development form the core of our team. Led by our mentor, Mr. Nadimul Arfin who possesses vast experience in the field, the team puts in its best efforts time and again to meet clients’ expectations.